Saturday, April 10, 2010


Happy Saturday, everyone......

Hope you're having a great weekend. I get to see the Giants play tonight....

..... their baseball is just about as funny as their commercials - unfortunately ;-)


.....but wait! The word administrivia makes me think of secretaries, and secretaries make me think of this classic Carol Burnett skit. (I know, I know, doesn't take much for my mind to wander, but it's Saturday, dangit.)

OK, back to business.....

There are some updates to the site. We've added an Awards page - the important thing for you to know about it is, if you haven't received your email Anthony ballot (spam filters, black holes, Evil Interweb Gremlins) you can download one from the Awards page and send it to our Fabulous Anthony Chair, Andi Shechter (that's her official title). Nominations will be open until May 28.

The attendees page is up to date as of about an hour ago. It'll usually take about a week from the time your registration is complete (both payment and registration form in the hands of our Wonderful Treasurer, Janine - also an official title) for your name to appear on the page.

I'm happy to report that registrations are coming in fast. I had lunch at the Hyatt the other day - at a point, my companion had to wave his hand in my face to get my attention. I was daydreaming about how cool it will be when the hotel is full of Boucherpeople having a fabulous time. (For those who don't know, High Anxiety was filmed at the Hyatt - I'm thinking we might need to watch it on Movie Night ;-)

And that's about it. Check the links to the right, I've added a few new ones, and have fun - here's a little Nickelback to get you started.....


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