Thursday, May 6, 2010

Noir we are......

"Noir we are" - sounds sort of Seuss-ish, doesn't it?

(With apologies to Seuss and Chandler purists everywhere)

From there to here and here to there,
Blood is spilling everywhere.
Blood on trains and blood on boats,
Blood from bad guys cutting throats.

Down these mean streets a man must go,
Himself not mean; a deadly foe,
A man complete, to strike a blow.
For what? He might not really know.

Except to say that "This is right"
By light of day, by dark of night.
The best man now, the best man here,
Does what he must, in spite of fear.

His task complete, he walks away,
To shed more blood another day.
From there to here and here to there,
Blood is spilling everywhere.

But, to get to my point (yes, I do have one ;-)

I had a terrific conversation the other day with Peter Maravelis of City Lights Books and Dominic Stansberry. There's nothing these two guys don't know about San Francisco's noir scene, and they've graciously agreed to put together some panels and events for us. So all you noiristas, get ready - it's gonna be great.

In Other News

What does Vincent Van Gogh have to do with Bouchercon, you ask? Other than, for an impressionist, he was a pretty noir sort of a fellow......

Well, the Musee d'Orsay in Paris.....

(You didn't seriously think I'd miss an opportunity to post a picture of Paris, did you?)

Anyway, the Musee d'Orsay is closing for repairs, and have agreed with San Francisco's De Young Museum to ship some of their art over here for a few months. Those few months happen to coincide with Bouchercon. So, thanks to Andi Shechter, who pays attention to these things, we're trying to get some docent tours together. No promises, and we'll contact everyone directly if it works out, but how cool would that be? Pretty darned cool, I think.

And finally (really, I'm almost finished) there are only about three more weeks left for Anthony nominations. If you haven't sent in your nominations now is the time. We want to hear from you!

And now, with a little something for Ruth and Suzanne, I really am finished.....

Have a great week, everyone!


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